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Moving could be a hard task to handle on you and your family. Here are some tips to make it easier for all of you. Also, talk to people who help others move ALL THE TIME by calling the RE/MAX of Abilene team at 325-695-3730 today and discuss other things you might need to know about moving!

What You Should Know Before You Hire a Mover

Helping Your Kids Handle the Moving Process

How to Budget Your Move

Packing Tips



What You Should Know Before You Hire a Mover

The two things you must remember and keep in mind throughout the moving process: always keep your cool and plan ahead. It will keep you in control of any situation and it will help to calm and reassure those counting on you. 

With any move the unexpected will occur. Scratches will happen and nerves can get frayed. But it's important to keep your perspective. And while you can't prevent every surprise, you can go a long way to preventing most surprises with just a little preparation and fore-thought. And if you have hired professional movers, it could save you from making some expensive mistakes.

The following tips can help your move go smoothly:

Information you should Check in Advance

Information the Movers should Know in Advance

Contracts and Guarantees

What you can do to Help the Movers

Some Extra Tips to Remember

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Helping Your Kids Handle the Moving Process

Finding moving companies can be challenging enough, moving with a family can be even more difficult. There are a lot of changes going on for you and your family. That's why it is critical to spend some time helping your kids cope with the changes going on around them. The advice set out in this guide will help your move go more smoothly.

When to Move School Age Kids 
When your kids are school age, you might be tempted to plan your move for the school holidays. In reality, this can actually make things harder for your kids. School is most likely the first place your kids can be assured of making friends. Thus, moving during the school holidays places your child in unfamiliar and new surroundings at a time when their chances of making friends are low.

Does Age Make a Difference?

Before the Move

Communication is the Key

Getting the Kids Involved
It's only natural that your kids will want to be involved with what's going on. Some examples of ways to get your kids involved are:

What About Childcare?

Saying Goodbye

Settling In 
Understand that it is like that there may be a grieving period for children…it may last a few weeks, perhaps even a few months. Here are a few easy things you can do to make moving easier for your kids.

Keeping an Eye Out for Early Warning Signs

Here are some things to watch out for

Additional Hints for Moving Kids

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How to Budget Your Move

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, all moves require the same patience and preparation. After notifying your current landlord (if you rent), it's important to establish a budget for moving expenses as soon as you can. 

Determine your Spending Comfort Level
Before you can initiate a move, you must first have an understanding for what you are comfortable spending on your move. The budget will differ depending on the amount of belongings you are moving as well as the distance of the move itself. Other moving expenses are involved in the cost of a move such as: when are you moving? Typically, moving expenses during the week are less than weekends. Also, the least expensive time of the year to move is between October and April. 

Ways to Save
The most important factor to consider when budgeting your move is the more work you are willing to do, the less your move will cost. For instance, if you are willing to pack and load and unload your belongings onto and off of the truck, there are movers who will handle the driving and will charge you considerably less than a full-service mover who will handle all the aspects of you move from packing to loading to driving to unloading. (See Tips on Whether to Move yourself or Hire a Pro)

Check if Storage is Included
While you will most likely move straight from your current home to your new home, there may be some period of time between moving out and moving in. This will require storage of your belongings which must also be considered in your budget. If you are using a full-service mover, they will commonly include some storage into your quote. However, if you are moving yourself, you must make these arrangements ahead of time. (See General Storage Tips)

You should also remember to include in your budget such extras as:

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Packing Tips

Although the decision of moving your home can be exciting, packing is something most of us dread. By using our guide, you will feel more secure in knowing that your possessions will get to your new address in one piece. Once you're there, you'll be able to find everything when the time comes to unpack and get settled.

Get Things in Order 
Your move will be easier and smoother if you do a good job of pre-planning. Here are several handy tips to help you get started. 
1. Always create a thorough and complete inventory of what you will be moving to your new address.
2. Don't forget to photograph or videotape any unique or valuable belongings.
3. It's also wise to make a note of the serial numbers on your electronic equipment.

What You'll Need 
Before you can start packing, you'll need to have the following materials:

Notes for Wrapping

Get Packing

These hints will help you pack like a pro:

Bulky Things

Tricky Things

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